Why am I a photographer?
Because I am interested in photography, lighting, backgrounds (real, not studio), equipment, and the process in general. Photography is one of several passions that I have, but I hate taking landscapes. Watching the process work from behind the camera is exciting. There is nothing I would like more than to see the career of a new model explode because of a photograph that I took.

Why would a model want to shoot with me?
Because you have a dream, a desire and passion for being a model, but you need some photographs that people will look at and pay attention to. Because I can take better pictures of you that you can take with your cell phone. Because I won’t charge you to take pictures that will benefit my portfolio. Because I keep my appointments and I am usually on time.

Why would I not want to schedule a shoot with a model?
Because if you only do paid shoots, I am not going to pay you to take pictures that I can’t sell. Because if you “only do nude shoots for pay,” you obviously are looking for a GWC and that just creeps me out, plus it indicates that you believe clothing shots are cheap and I am not interested in taking cheap shots. Because if I set aside time to meet you for a shoot and you don’t show up or otherwise waste my time you are obviously not serious. Finally, I won’t make an appointment for a shoot if I don’t have time because of everything else that is going on in my life.


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